Is The Forest Cross-Platform For PC, Xbox, PS4

Is The Forest cross-platform? If you are a The Forest gamer, then you must be almost dying for a cross-platform feature. This horror survival game is one of the most popular video games on the internet right now. Most users want to play this game with their friends using crossplay. But, it is still unclear whether is The Forest cross-platform or not and when are the developers going to release a cross-platform play.

The Forest is an online survival horror video game developed and published by Endnight Games. This game was first released on Windows PC in April 2018 and then a PS4 edition came in November 2018. The Forest received a great response from the users selling 5.3 million copies on Windows by November 2018. The most asked question about the game is The Forest is it cross-platform or not?

is the forest cross-platform

The Forest is a survival horror video game that takes place on a remote and heavily forested peninsula. Two survivors of a plane crash Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy are seen in the game. The game received a huge response. Playing this game in multiplayer mode is loved by many users. But, is The Forest cross-platform or not. Read to know below.

Is The Forest Cross-Platform?

The Forest is not cross-platform yet. You might get disappointed to know that The Forest doesn’t support cross-play yet. A cross-platform play is the ability to play a game on different gaming hardware simultaneously. While playing multiplayer games, cross-platform play is very much needed. Since it is not always possible to find friends with the same gaming device as yours, a cross-play feature is your savior.

is the forest cross platform ps4 and ps5

This means you can play with only those who share the same platform as yours, it is like is apex Legends Cross-Play. If you are on a PS4, then you can play The Forest with PlayStation users. The same goes for Windows users too. Currently, The Forest game is available on only these two platforms. The players may hope for a mobile and Xbox edition from the game developers soon. Know is the game The Forest cross-platform for the following devices.

The Forest Gaming Device Is The Forest Cross-Platform For The Device?
Windows No
PlayStation 4 No
Xbox One N/A
Nintendo Switch N/A
Mac N/A
Android N/A

Is The Forest Cross-Platform With PC & PS4?

The Forest game is not cross-platform on any device. It supports only single platform gaming for Windows and PlayStation 4 users. The game is currently available on only Windows and PS4 and cross-platform play is not available on both devices. If you want to play The Forest with your friend, then he or she must be using the same gaming hardware as yours. Only Windows PC – Windows PC and PS4 -PS4 are allowed.

Is The Forest Cross-Platform For PS4 And Xbox?

There is no cross-platform feature available on The Forest game. Every user can play with only those who share the same gaming platform. If you are a PlayStation 4 user, then you can only play with your friends who are also on a PS4. As for Xbox, the game The Forest is not released on Xbox consoles yet. So, you can’t cross-play between Xbox and PS4 for The Forest.

Can You Play The Forest With Friends?

Yes, you can play The Forest with your friends who are on the same platform as yours. The Forest has both single-player and multiplayer options available for its users. If you want to enjoy your game with your friends, then you can enable the multiplayer option and join the game online with your friends. Remember, that you can play with only those friends who share the same platforms like yours.

the forest is it cross-platform

If you are using a Windows PC, then your friends must also belong to the Windows community. Similarly, if you are a PS4 user, then your friends must also be on the PlayStation network. Up to 4 PS4 players and 8 PC players can join The Forest in multiplayer mode. You can invite your friends and have fun with them playing The Forest.

Is The Forest On Xbox One?

No. The Forest was originally released on Windows in April 2018. Then, in November 2018, a PS4 edition of the game was released. The Forest is not officially released on Xbox One or any other platforms like Nintendo Console, Android, and iOS. When asked about bringing The Forest to Xbox One, one of the developers of the game, Anna Terekhova replied that they are focusing on releasing the game on one platform at a time. So, the Xbox community can hope for the best.

is the game the forest cross-platform

Is The Forest Cross-Platform – Conclusion

To conclude the question “Is The Forest Cross-Platform?”, the answer is no. The Forest is not cross-platform yet on PS4 and Windows. If you want to play The Forest with your friends, then just play with the same gaming platform users until a cross-play for The Forest is released. We hope you liked this information. Keep visiting for more updated posts. Thank you for reading.

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