How To Make a Saddle in Minecraft

How To Make a Saddle in Minecraft 2022: Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed and published by Mojang Studios. Currently, this game is owned by Microsoft Studios. Minecraft is just like the first love to every gamer born in the last decade. This game has recently completed its 10 years and its craze is nowhere near decreasing, instead, the popularity of Minecraft is growing day by day.

A saddle in Minecraft is one of the most important things if you want to ride an animal to transport. Saddles are used in Minecraft for rideable mobs like striders, horses, donkeys, mules, skeleton horses, and pigs. You can still ride these mobs without a saddle or horse saddle in a few cases, however, it is not possible to do so all the time.

how to make a saddle in minecraft

This is why many Minecraft players want to know how to make a saddle in Minecraft for their game. Don’t worry, if you are also searching for the same thing. We have prepared this guide only for you. Learn how to make a horse saddle in Minecraft easily in this post and let your fellow Minecraft players know about this too. Let’s start with the process to get a saddle in Minecraft.

How To Make a Saddle in Minecraft

First things first, a saddle in Minecraft cannot be “created”. This is not like the other resources in Minecraft that can be crafted on a crafting table or smelt in a furnace. You have to “Get a Saddle in Minecraft”. Yes, ready-made saddles are present in Minecraft world and all you have to do is find them for yourself. But, it is easier said than done.

The players can ride tamed horses, mules, and donkeys even without a saddle. But, if you want to ride skeleton horses and pigs, then you are going to need a saddle. Not only that but if you are riding tamed horses, then you can’t control them unless you have a saddle. Saddles are not easily found and obtained in the Minecraft world. A player can get a “saddle” in Minecraft by following any of the three ways given below:

  • Find a chest in a dungeon
  • Find a chest in the Nether fortress
  • Catch a saddle while fishing

Compatible Versions

A Minecraft horse saddle is compatible with all the game versions. Here are all the Minecraft versions and platforms that support the saddles.

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • Pocket Edition (PE)
  • Bedrock Edition (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, Ps4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10)
  • Education Edition

How To Get a Saddle in Minecraft Creative Mode

If you are playing Minecraft in creative mode, then you can easily find a saddle in your inventory itself. You don’t have to go find them in the Minecraft world. In Minecraft Creative Mode, you can find the saddle in the following places.

  • Java Edition: In the Creative Inventory Menu under Transportation.
  • Pocket Edition: Under Tools/Equipment.
  • Xbox One/PS4/Win10/Nintendo/Edu: Under Tools/Equipment.

That is how to make a saddle in Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition, Java Edition, and Education Edition while you are in creative mode. But, you can’t do the same for survival mode.

How To Find a Saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode

Let us remind you once again that saddles are not made or created. These are non-craftable items in Minecraft. If you are playing Minecraft in survival mode, then you have to know that you have to find your own saddle in the world. There are three possible ways that you can use to find or get a saddle in Minecraft.

Find a Chest in a Dungeon

Dungeons are dark underground regions in Minecraft where you can find “chests” filled with many treasures and useful objects. Each dungeon will at least have one or two chests that consist of valuable items. So, start searching for a dungeon.

how to make a horse saddle in minecraft

You can dig underground and find a “dungeon”. The easier way to find a dungeon is by using the “Spectator game mode”. Once you find a dungeon, search around for chests and open them to check the items inside. If you are lucky, you will find a “saddle” in the chest. Hurry up and move it to the inventory.

Find a Chest in the Nether Fortress

Nether Fortress is a naturally spawn structure in Minecraft that looks like a giant castle made out of nether bricks. The players cannot build a Nether Fortress. The Nether Fortress is one of the dangerous places in Minecraft and is also difficult to find. Nether Fortress is found only in Nether.

how to make a saddle in minecraft 2022

You are going to need a Nether portal to enter the Nether. So, get a Nether portal and enter the Nether region of Minecraft. Now, find the Nether Fortress and start searching for a chest inside the fortress. This chest will give you a saddle along with some other valuable items.

Catch a Saddle While Fishing

A saddle can be found while fishing. It happens to us sometimes, that instead of fish, we find other items in the sea. Similar things happen in Minecraft too. You can go fishing and get a saddle instead. This is one of the easiest ways to get a saddle in Minecraft.

how to make a saddle in minecraft ps4

Firstly, cast your fishing line into the water and wait for the bubbles to appear at the top. Once the bubbles get closer to your fishing line and the bobber will start pulling from under the water, reel in your fishing line. You may catch a saddle by doing so also if you get the error https // minecraft you can check from us. If you get a saddle attached to your fishing line, then it will be automatically added to your inventory.


That was all about how to make a saddle in Minecraft. A saddle in Minecraft can be found in Nether Fortress, Dungeon, or can be obtained by fishing in the water. If you were trying to craft your own saddle, then it is not going to be possible. We hope all your doubts were cleared in this post. If you like this post, then share it with your friends too. Stay connected with us for more useful posts.

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