How To Find Nether Fortress and Enter into It

How to find Nether Fortress: If you are looking for some Wither Skeletons and Magma Cubes to defeat your enemies, then Nether Fortress is the only place to get them. So, know how to find a Nether Fortress in this guide and spawn them for your game.

Minecraft is an online sandbox video game that lets you create, explore, and survive. Nether is an underground region of Minecraft where you can find Nether Fortress. Only the Nether Fortress has Blaze, Magma Cube, Skeleton, and other items. These objects are important as a Blaze is helpful to fight the Ender Dragon while Wither Skeletons are required to fight the Wither.

how to find nether fortress

Since the Nether is the only place you can find Nether Fortress, you have to go well-prepared. If you know how to find the Nether Fortress, you can obtain Blaze, Wither Skeletons, and many other objects for your game. To know how to find Nether Fortress in Minecraft, read below.

How To Prepare For Entering A Nether Fortress In Minecraft

Nether Fortress is a large complex of bridges, corridors, and towers that are found in the Nether. Though finding a Nether to obtain Blazes, Magma Cubes, Wither Skeletons, etc is necessary for fighting with your enemies, it is no easy task. Nether Fortresses are one of the hardest places in Minecraft to get out alive. So, good preparation is needed before you know how to find a Nether Fortress.

1. Make A Portal

You might have already known that the Nether realm exists beneath the rolling hills and sceneries of Minecraft. To go underground, you are going to need a portal. So, start preparing a portal to go find a Nether Fortress.

  • Gather 10 obsidian blocks from your surroundings to make the portal. Also, get some steel and flint.
  • Now, find a good place and place the obsidian blocks. Place two at the bottom, two at the top, and three blocks on each side. Make a door-shaped portal as shown in the figure.

how to find a nether fortress

  • Once you have placed the portal, add the flint and steel, and light it on fire.

2. Gather Required Armors & Weapons

Nether Fortress is no place to just go and leave. You are going to work hard for saving your life from the enemies. Therefore, gathering some armors and weapons made of specific materials will be needed.

nether fortress finder


  • Material: Iron, Diamond, Netherite
  • Enchantments: Smite, Sharpness, Looting (optional), Unbreaking (optional)


  • Material: Any, Spectral arrows (optional)
  • Enchantments: Any


  • Material: Any material
  • Enchantments: Unbreaking, Power, Infinity (optional)


  • Material: Stone, Diamond/Iron (optional)
  • Enchantments: Unbreaking and Efficiency (for diamond/iron axes)


  • Material: diamond or gold
  • Enchantments: Protection, Fire Protection, Feather Falling (boots), Unbreaking (armor), Thorns

Misc Resources

  • Cobblestones to build staircases, Stone tools, or block-off passages
  • Torches for marking explored areas and limiting mobs to enter
  • Some water buckets and cauldron

3. Take Fire Resistance Potions

how to find the nether fortress

If you have visited the Nether realm before, then possibly you have brewed a fire resistance potion. The Blaze found in the Nether Fortress is not easy to achieve. You have to go through a lot of fire hazards and dangers. Lava Oceans are the common places in the Nether where you can die easily. Therefore, bringing a Fire Resistance potion is a must.

4. Food Supplies

In order to heal from injuries and to gain strength, you will surely need “Food”. So, make sure to bring along some highly nutritious foods so that you can munch on them whenever you want to regain your energy.

how to find nether fortress nether update

  • Steak, cooked pork chops are great resources of nutrition
  • Golden apples are also beneficial

5. Create A Temporary Base Kit

You should also create a temporary base kit for yourself that you can use to make useful resources. Nether consists of wood, but you can’t make charcoal out of it, so bring some wooden logs. If you are from your world, then bringing some portal-making supplies will help to make a portal anywhere.

how to find nether fortress in minecraft

  • Furnace
  • Chest
  • Crafting Table
  • Wooden Logs
  • Portal-making supplies

How To Find Nether Fortress In Minecraft

Now, it is time to know how to find Nether Fortress in Minecraft. Make sure you have prepared all the items that you are going to need for finding the Nether Fortress. You can find the following items in Nether Fortress.

  • Blaze
  • Zombified Piglin
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Skeleton
  • Magma Cube

Follow the step-by-step guide for knowing how to find Nether Fortress in Minecraft, you can also know whether is minecraft cross platform or not.

1. Turn Up The Brightness

Nether is going to be underground, so you won’t be able to see the dark fortress clearly if you have low brightness. Make sure you have turned on the brightness level to a good extent and make it comfortable for you to see the surroundings.

2. Beware Of Lava Oceans

how to find nether fortress in sky factory 3

Lava Oceans are filled with light-emitting fluid blocks that cause fire damage. If you don’t protect yourself from the Lava Oceans, then you are surely going to be doomed. So, look out for the Lava Oceans in the Nether.

3. Move away from Bastion Remnants

how to find nether fortress new update

Bastian Remnants are large, castle-like structures that are present in the Nether. You must remember that Nether Fortresses can’t spawn where there are Bastion Remnants. So, if you see a Bastion Remnant, get away from that.

4. Find Dark & Blocky Walls/Structures

how to find nether fortress reddit

The Nether Fortresses stand out from other structures. You can easily identify a Nether Fortress from the other structures. Look for a wall or structure that has large blocks with dark red color bricks. If you find something similar to that, it is most probably a Nether Fortress.

5. Create A Path

The final step to reach your Nether Fortress is creating your path from the portal to the Nether Fortress. To be sure it is a Nether Fortress or not, you can use a ride strider and see the structure. Now, create a path from your portal to the Nether Fortress and enter it. If you have cheats enabled, use the command “/locate fortress” to find a Nether Fortress easily. This is how to find Nether Fortress in Minecraft easily.


That was how to find Nether Fortress easily in Minecraft. If you have cheats enabled for your game, then a single cheat command is enough to find a Nether Fortress. But, if you don’t have cheats for your game, you can just follow the steps given here and find the Nether Fortress. Make sure to bring along a Fire Resistance Potion if you want to get out alive. We hope you liked this article. Keep visiting to get more articles about your favorite game, Minecraft.

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