How to find and ride a strider (lavagant)

In the old nether update of Minecraft, Mojang introduced one of the strangest mobs so far: the lavagantes (striders). These burgundy-colored cubical creatures have the ability to navigate lava flows, and if you manage to tame them, you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of trouble when traversing the Nether. In this guide we tell you how to find and mount a lavagante in Minecraft.


How to find a strider (lavagant) in Minecraft

Although it is true that the striders they look terrifying rather passive creatures that fulfill a single function within the game: they allow you to ride them in the same way as a pig, see for more. First of all, to find a lavagant or strider you will have to go towards the Nether and look for them on the banks of lava rivers. Keep in mind that they prefer to be inside the lava, to the point that they will warm up when they are on the surface.

How to ride a strider (lavagant)


To be able to mount a lavagant or strider on Minecraft you will need a few things: a fishing rod, a mount and a warped mushroom (the green one that can be found in the distorted forest). By combining the cane with the mushroom, you will be able to obtain a stick with a mushroom on the end that will serve to guide the lavagante in the direction you want.

With everything ready, the steps to follow are very simple. you have to approach a lavagant with the mount in your hands And when it’s close enough right click to place her on her back. Having done that, all that remains is to get on and use the stick you built earlier to traverse the Nether without too much hassle.

Remember that even though the lavagante allows you to navigate the lava as if you were in a boat, these creatures can take damage by mobs and other players. This is important considering that, from the update of the Nether, you will find more skeletons inside the underworld.

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