How To Setup Xbox On Digitally

Now, set up your brand new Xbox console digitally using the portal. All you need is a smartphone to finish your Xbox console setup and start using Xbox services on your streaming devices. The Xbox Setup activation is only available on mobile devices which means you can’t use the portal on a computer or laptop.

The portal enables the users to activate the Xbox console on their device. Using this activation code, you can connect your Xbox gaming console to your TV or even your smartphone. To link your Xbox One gaming console to your smartphone, you have to install the Xbox Application. But, to start using the services or to start playing your favorite games, you must activate your console first.

Also, every new Xbox One user now has to go through the activation process. If you have purchased a brand new Xbox One, then you must activate the console by visiting the page. Note down your activation code from the TV or mobile screen and then go to the web portal to finish the setup. Looking confusing?? No problem, get the step-by-step details below.

What Is is a mobile web portal to activate the Xbox consoles on any device. Now, you can even connect your Xbox to your smartphone and bring your favorite Xbox games with you in your smartphone like the Login. Any person who has bought a new Xbox device must activate the service through this web portal to start using it. You can finish the system updates for your Xbox One manually by linking your console to your smartphone.

This mobile web portal lets you set up your console on any platform digitally. You just have to activate the console on your TV or smartphone by entering a unique activation code. Since it is a mobile web portal, you can use it only on a smartphone or tablet. If you want to visit the page on a computer or laptop, then you won’t get any results.

Install Xbox Application

Xbox Application is the essential part of setting up your Xbox console digitally. Once you install this application on your Android or iOS device, you are good to go. If you purchased a new console, then you can set it up and also finish the system updates remotely on your smartphone.

You don’t have to turn on your console every time you have to update the device. Not only that, you don’t have to wait for Xbox to finish the system updates. You can manually update your gaming console software with this Xbox application. Install this application on your Android or iOS device now.

  • Go to the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store on your device.
  • Search for “Xbox App” and install the application.
  • Xbox application is free to install on both platforms.

How To Setup Xbox On Digitally mobile web portal can only be accessed on a smartphone or tablet. So, don’t go to the http // page on a computer or laptop. Follow the steps given below to connect your smartphone to your Xbox One console digitally.

  • Firstly, connect your new Xbox console to the TV and turn it on.¬†When you launch the TV, you will get an Xbox setup code and QR code on the screen. Make sure to note down this code.

http // code

  • Now, visit page on your mobile web browser. You will be prompted to install the Xbox App application. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store and install Xbox Application on your device.
  • When you launch the application, tap on the “Set Up Console” button. The page will ask you to enter the code that is present on your TV.

http //

  • Enter the Xbox setup code that you got from the TV screen and tap on the “Connect To Console” button.

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  • You will get a message saying “Xbox” wants to join wi-fi network “XboxSetupxxxx”? Tap on the “Join” button to allow your console to the internet. Select your language and location, and select your preferences.
  • Then go to the updates section and tap on “Update Console”. After finishing the system update, you will be asked to choose a power option. Select a power option.
  • Name your console and sign in to start using your console. The Xbox Setup is finished successfully. You can always change your settings whenever you want.

What If You Lost The Xbox Setup Code

If you lost the http // code from your TV screen, then don’t worry. You can get back your code with a little effort. If you have not thrown away the console packaging box, then you can check the code on it. Most consoles give a label on the packaging of the box with your code on it. Check carefully for your code on the box. But, if you didn’t find the code, then you will have to contact your seller.

Xbox Setup Helpline Number

For any issues related to the Xbox Setup, you can feel free to contact the helpline number of the Xbox gaming console setup department. If you even lost your http // code, then you can contact them on the below phone number to retrieve your activation code. The person on the phone will ask you to provide your Xbox console and account details to solve your problem.

Xbox Setup Helpline Number: 1-800-469-9269


We have given the complete guide to set up an Xbox console digitally in this post. The mobile web portal is very much useful for setting up your new Xbox consoles and connecting your console with a smartphone. Once you have linked your console to your smartphone using the portal, you can use party chat, play games, update the system, and do much more. We hope you liked this guide. Keep visiting for more related articles.

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